What type of tickets should I purchase?

When you view our ticket purchase page, you’ll notice two types of tickets available, along with a dropdown box allowing you to choose your quantity.

So… what’s the difference, and which is right for you?

Option #1: Laugh Factory, Chicago IL *LIVE VENUE*

This option allows you to purchase guaranteed seats in our single live location, right now. When you purchase the tickets, you’ll be asked for the name of each registrant – one for each of the tickets in your cart. We need this information so we can properly check them in on event day. This is the way to go if you know who you are sending, and where you are sending them at the time of purchase.

Option #2: Team Admission (View from your office or venue)

This option allows you to purchase access to the day of professional development in any location besides the live venue. All you need is an internet connection and an internet-connected device. It can be a computer, a mobile device, or even a digital projector. You provide the venue, we’ll provide the content. Use this to bring the event to yourself or your entire team.