Building off the great success of our first event, the next production of Collector.Live! will feature an astounding 17 presenters over six hours. And just wait until you see who we got to present! The format will be TED-style, with each speaker taking about 15 minutes to share one big idea of vital importance to your frontline collectors in one of three general areas - personal development, compliance, or operations.

Collector.Live! is a one-day mega-event streamed live to your office! Grab this opportunity to share the conference experience with your frontline employees today!

Registration Info Coming Soon!

Quotes From Collector.Live! 2018

Are you wondering if this event makes sense for your team? 
Check out some of the feedback we received after Collector.Live! 2018

  There was so much respect and praise given to the collector.  They need that recognition in this type
of setting. The topics were diverse and the speakers were top notch.  There was ‘nuts and bolts’ content
where the collector could literally implement what they learned when they got back to the office.”

“Harry was a GREAT host, and we had a fantastic time. We appreciated the thought put into
everything by each speaker and will be using new techniques and ideas in our training department.”

  I hope you do this again!  My collectors got so much out of this and so did management.
A specific conference dedicated to the collector has been long over due.  Bravo!  Do it again!”

  Absolutely loved Gordon Beak and Harry Strausser!!”

 Gordon Beck made me stand up and cheer.  Everyone in the room felt motivated after his session.
He is an exceptional speaker.  I thought all the speakers brought something to the table, some more
than others but nobody was a poor speaker.  That was nice.  Nothing worse than having staff sit
around and not care for, or get confused by a speaker.”

   Gordon Beck made not only my day, not only my week, not only my month.
But my year with his words and motivational quotes.”

  Appreciated the speakers who gave real facts and ways to change.”

  Mary Shore and Gordon Beck alone made the program worth it. We had different people from
our office sit in on different sessions but I am having everyone watch those 2 segments.”

  I thought the presenters did very well. They did a great job of keeping of our
small crowd engaged and intrigued and the topics were very informative.
I also enjoyed the role playing because it created real life examples.”

  The ability to have my whole staff watch the event without having to send them
anywhere or incur the cost to send everyone somewhere was tremendous.”

  The FDCPA/FCRA/TCPA traps was on point and it was good to have collectors hearing
from others in the industry on the same topics that we discuss daily in our organization.”

  Gordon Beck put a fire into the team members that watched his segment.”

  I like the fact that their were attorney’s on site to be able to answer
questions according to industry regulations and laws.”

  We loved having questions from different agencies being asked & answered live.”

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