Prepare for an unprecedented day of professional development for your collectors. Streaming live (and interactive!) into collection agencies nationwide on Jan. 15, with 17 first-rate presentations over six hours, Collector.Live! 2019 is going to deliver like nothing before it!

Collector.Live! is the only event geared toward frontline debt collectors, offering sessions to motivate, inspire, and improve productivity, collection rates and compliance

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Watch Your 2019 Profitability Soar by Arming Your Collectors with the Best in Mindset, Method and Motivation

Everyone knows that the job of a collector is more complicated than ever. They can use all the help they can get, and we’re going to give it to them.  On January 15, 2019, 17 leading authorities in the ARM industry will come together for six jam-packed hours that will accelerate your path to profitability and compliance.


Collector.Live! 2019 will offer practical insights and hard-won wisdom that your collectors can put into practice immediately. This event is not theory, this is profit-boosting practice. New collector or seasoned veteran, this is one professional development program they’ll be glad to attend.


Start 2019 Right and Make It Your Best Year Ever.

Delivered worldwide in a streaming, interactive format, Collector.Live is the only industry event aimed at increasing the productivity and job satisfaction of frontline collectors. A small increase in the effectiveness of the people who get consumers to pay can mean millions. We’ve seen it happen, and there’s no reason why it can’t happen to you.


Registration fees for Collector.Live! 2019 are a tiny fraction of the ROI you can expect. Quite frankly, if you’re in collections and you can’t find a way to invest the time and money, are you sure you are in the right business?



Note: Times below are Central time – if you are in a different time zone, please adjust accordingly.


11:00am-11:10am: Introduction
Harry Strausser & Roger Weiss
Welcome & Introduction, special message from ACA CEO Mark Neeb


11:10am-12:55pm: Speaker Block #1
Harry Strausser: Being amazing when the rest of the world hates you
Liz Peterson: Using your voice as a tool of persuasion
Christian Lehr: How to identify problems and avoid finger-pointing
Kelly Knepper-Stephens: Hello? How to get the most out of “Location Information” calls
Tim Collins: It’s not altruism: how helping others helps you
Eric Rosenkoetter: What’s wrong with a little “Overshadowing” among friends?


12:55pm-1:05pm: 10 Minute Break


1:05pm-2:50pm: Speaker Block #2
Roger Weiss: Jedi mind tricks: closing calls with a payment today
Leslie Bender : “Need to Know” and preventing PII/PHI from being TMI
Dennis Barton: What the heck is “Bona Fide Error,” and what does it have to do with me?
Beth Conklin: Rebuttals & negotiations: overcoming common objections and stalling tactics
Manny Newburger: Keeping it real: how “False or Misleading Representations” can get you sued
Nicole Strickler: CYA’ing yourself against consumer disputes


2:50pm-3:00pm: 10 Minute Break


3:00pm-4:30pm: Speaker Block #3
John Bedard: Danger! Danger! Identifying call baiters and the latest consumer scams
LaDonna Bohling: Overcoming the awkwardness of RPC & giving disclosures with finesse
Ron Brown: Secret resources of a master cybertracker: how to find anyone, anywhere
Kelli Krueger: Don’t Feed the Animals, Dealing with the zoo called the collection floor
Gordon Beck: More than a cog in the machine… how do you fit in to the “Big Picture”?


4:30pm-5:00pm: Q&A, Discussion
All speakers back on stage, moderated by Harry Strausser & Roger Weiss


Quotes From Collector.Live! 2018

Are you wondering if this event makes sense for your team? 
Check out some of the feedback we received after Collector.Live! 2018

  There was so much respect and praise given to the collector.  They need that recognition in this type
of setting. The topics were diverse and the speakers were top notch.  There was ‘nuts and bolts’ content
where the collector could literally implement what they learned when they got back to the office.”

“Harry was a GREAT host, and we had a fantastic time. We appreciated the thought put into
everything by each speaker and will be using new techniques and ideas in our training department.”

  I hope you do this again!  My collectors got so much out of this and so did management.
A specific conference dedicated to the collector has been long over due.  Bravo!  Do it again!”

  Absolutely loved Gordon Beak and Harry Strausser!!”

 Gordon Beck made me stand up and cheer.  Everyone in the room felt motivated after his session.
He is an exceptional speaker.  I thought all the speakers brought something to the table, some more
than others but nobody was a poor speaker.  That was nice.  Nothing worse than having staff sit
around and not care for, or get confused by a speaker.”

   Gordon Beck made not only my day, not only my week, not only my month.
But my year with his words and motivational quotes.”

  Appreciated the speakers who gave real facts and ways to change.”

  Mary Shore and Gordon Beck alone made the program worth it. We had different people from
our office sit in on different sessions but I am having everyone watch those 2 segments.”

  I thought the presenters did very well. They did a great job of keeping of our
small crowd engaged and intrigued and the topics were very informative.
I also enjoyed the role playing because it created real life examples.”

  The ability to have my whole staff watch the event without having to send them
anywhere or incur the cost to send everyone somewhere was tremendous.”

  The FDCPA/FCRA/TCPA traps was on point and it was good to have collectors hearing
from others in the industry on the same topics that we discuss daily in our organization.”

  Gordon Beck put a fire into the team members that watched his segment.”

  I like the fact that their were attorney’s on site to be able to answer
questions according to industry regulations and laws.”

  We loved having questions from different agencies being asked & answered live.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: So… I have never participated in a livestream event before. How does this thing actually work?

Answer: It is really straightforward! You can send the livestream signal wherever you want, as long as you have a strong internet connection. Most companies are streaming it to a conference room or finding an outside location to make it more of an event for their people. I know of one company that rented the local chamber of commerce because it had a perfectly sized auditorium for their team.

Question: How do I get the livestream signal up on the big screen?

Answer: If your large screen is not directly connected to the internet, the easiest way to do it would be to get a laptop with an HDMI output on it, then connect that to the TV. Both the signal and the sound should flow through the HDMI to the big TV.

Question: The format is confusing… how are you fitting so many speakers into the day? Won’t it be overwhelming? 

Answer: Have you ever seen a TED Talk? It will be kind of like that. Each speaker has 15 minutes to make their presentation focusing on one big idea. There should be time left over in each block for the speakers to discuss and do a little Q&A before we move on to the next block. Then it starts all over again. Each speaker will have ample time on stage, and the opportunity to interact with their fellow speakers and the audience. 

Question: Do I need to purchase a registration for each of my employees?

Answer: Absolutely not! This is intended to be a group exercise. The price we are charging is for as many people as you can fit around one large screen. If you have multiple locations that will not be viewing it together, then you will have to purchase additional streams for them.

Question: How do my people interact with the presentation in real time?

Answer: We will be offering a twitter handle and a direct email address for people to send questions to, and our emcees will be sharing those questions with the speakers.

Question: I can’t afford to have my entire team off the floor for the whole six hours. What should I do? 

Answer: While we hope you can find a way to share as much of the program with your team as possible, we understand it may not be practical for everyone. We have created three blocks that each have an assortment of speakers/topics in them, and we know some agencies will be rotating their teams through specific speaker blocks.

Question: Will the content be available for purchase?

Answer: Yes! Registered companies will be able to purchase the entire program for $97. At this time, we are not planning to offer that opportunity to non-registered companies. That means, even if you are not planning to participate live, if you want the videos you should get your company registered.

Question: I am located in the Dallas area – can I bring my team to the live event? 

Answer: Yes, there are a limited number of seats in the audience available for area collectors. Please contact us asap to see if there are any left and, if so, get them reserved for you.

Question: The timing is confusing… when does this actually start and end?

Answer: Yeah, planning a live event across four time zones does present some challenges. The program begins at 9am PST, 10am MST, 11am CTS and 12pm EST. It will last six hours.